Fondo de Musica Tradicional

The "Misiones folklóricas" of the CSIC

The Fons de Música Tradicional at the Institució Milà i Fontanals (CSIC-IMF) in Barcelona has more than 20.000 melodies, copied on paper, collected between 1944 and 1960 throughout Spain; most of them were compiled through the 65 folkloric Missions and 62 notebooks presented to Competitions organized by the Folklore Section of the former Instituto Español de Musicología of the CSIC [Spanish National Research Council] in which 47 researchers participated. This website / database has now available for free consultation digitized materials of the music collected in the Competitions and Missions of Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Castile and León Region, Catalonia, Galicia, Murcia Region and Valencian Community; more materials from these and other regions from the rest of Spain will be incorporated later on.

With this musicological Project of the CSIC, an important Spanish collection of traditional music heritage, known only in part, will be available to researchers and the general public, making possible comparative studies owing to the advantages of this database. During the process of gathering of songs, hundreds of men and women throughout Spain who sang or played these pieces were identified (with an informant’s card). The dissemination of this repertory through this website will make possible for the descendants of the informants to recover the historical music memory of their families. In the schools of villages and towns where these pieces were collected, children will be able to sing again the songs of the generation of their great-grandfathers; children’s songs in this Fons often incorporate a description of the play or actions that accompany the singing (see, for instance, the notebooks of the Competitions C05 and C14). This website can be of interest not only to researchers, but also to music teachers from primary and secondary schools who would like to select material for their students, to organizations interested in the revival of traditional music in their region, and to people who want to consult songs related to their place of origin or to a particular subject. Audio files of the melodies will eventually be added. This will facilitate the learning process and ensure their survival in Spain and Latin America.

The connection of this website with a Facebook page invites the users' participation in incorporating and sharing personal experience directly related to the repertory in this Fons de Música Tradicional.

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Dr. Emilio Ros-Fábregas, Director
Permanent Researcher in Musicology, CSIC-IMF

Dr. Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita, Coordinadora de Desarrollo Tecnológico
Researcher, Group "Música, patrimoni i societat" [2009 SGR1329], Generalitat de Catalunya

Dr. María Gembero-Ustárroz, Investigadora
Permanent Researcher in Musicology, CSIC-IMF

Jan Koláček, Webmaster
Charles University in Prague