Jan Koláček


I am a piano and accordion teacher in Prague. Besides, I work on digital humanities projects, mostly connected with medieval and folk music.


Curriculum vitae

1979               Born in Prague, Czech Republic.

1990-98         High school: PORG (the first private school established after the collapse of Communism in the Czech Republic). 

1999-2005     Religious studies | Charles University in Prague | Hussite Theological Faculty
2003-2008     Musicology | Charles University in Prague | Faculty of Arts
2009-2014     Ph.D. in progress | Charles University in Prague | Faculty of Arts | Musicology


Relevant Research Contributions Over the Last Years

Refereed contributions

KOLÁČEK, Jan & LACOSTE, Debra: “Renewal, Revival, Rejuvenation: a New Vision for the Cantus Database”, in: CANTUS PLANUS / Study Group of the International Musicological Society / Papers read at the 16th meeting (ed. Robert KLUGSEDER), Vienna, Austria, 2011, p. 202-209

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “Sedlčanský antifonář M-7 a pozdní tradice hodinkových oficií” [The Sedlčany Antiphonary M-7 and the Late Tradition of the Divine Office]. in: Hudební věda 2011, no. 1, p. 79–94

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “Česko-kanadský projekt databáze CANTUS: nová podoba digitálního archivu středověkého chorálu” [The Czech-Canadian CANTUS Database Project: Redesign of an Online Digital Archive of Medieval Chant], in: Hudební věda 2010, no. 3-4, p. 411–417

KOLÁČEK, Jan: „Global Chant Database“, in: Hudební věda 2009, no. 1-2, p. 212-215

KOLÁČEK, Jan: „Repertoár a liturgie sedlčanských graduálů” [The Repertoire and Liturgy of the Sedlčany Graduals], in: Hudební věda 2008, no. 1-2, p. 5-24

Other refereed contributions

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “CANTUS Index: Building an Online Network of Chant Databases for Mass and Office”, Poster and presentation at the Medieval and Renaissance International Music Conference, Certaldo (IT), July 2013

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “The Portuguese Early Music Database”, International Colloquium Musical Exchanges 1100-1650: The Circulation of Early Music in Europe and Overseas in Iberian and Iberian-Related Sources, Lisbon (PT), June 2012

KOLÁČEK, Jan: "A New Research Interface for the Cantus Database“, paper at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (USA), May 14-18, 2011

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “The Cantus Database“, poster presented paper at the „Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference“, Barcelona, (ES), July 5-8, 2011

KOLÁČEK, Jan: "The Global Chant Database Project", paper at the 45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (USA), May 14-18, 2010

KOLÁČEK, Jan: "The Global Chant Database Project", paper at the conference "The Digital Middle Ages: Teaching and Research 2010", Barnard College, Columbia University, New York (USA), June 16-17, 2010

KOLÁČEK, Jan: Poster at the „Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference“, London, Royal Holloway (UK), July 1-3, 2010

KOLÁČEK, Jan: „Global Chant Database“, paper at the conference „Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference“, Utrecht, (NL), 1-4 July 2009

KOLÁČEK, Jan: „Liturgical and Chant Transitions in the late medieval Bohemian Graduals“ – paper at the conference „The 15th Meeting of the IMS Study Group 'Cantus Planus'“, Dobogoko, (HU), 23-29 August 2009

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “The Graduals of the Prague Scribe Jan Kantor Stary: the Mainstream of Bohemian Utraquists”, paper at the conference „The Musical Heritage of the Jagiellonian Era in Central and Eastern European Countries“, Warsaw (PL), 25-29 August 2009

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “The Liturgical Context of 16th Century Utraquist Graduals“, paper at the symposium „The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice“, Praha (CZ), 17.-20. 6. 2008

KOLÁČEK, Jan: “Repertory and Liturgy of Czech Utraquists in the 16th Century: Case Study“, paper at the „Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference“, Bangor University, Wales (UK), 24.-27. 7. 2008

Creative outputs
Research Databases:
“CANTUS Index” (
            Project Founder and Developer, 2012-today

Gradualia Project (
            Project Developer, 2012-today
            Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Slovak Early Music Database (
            Project Developer, 2012-today
            Slovakian Academy of Sciences

„Fondo de Música Tradicional“, Spanish Traditional Music Collection (
            Project Developer, 2012-today
            Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas de España
            Institución Milá y Fontanals, Barcelona

“CANTUS Database” (
            Project Developer and Research Assistant, 2011-today
            University of Waterloo, ON, Canada

“Portugal Early Music Database“ (
            Project Developer, 2010-today
            CESEM, Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical
            Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

„Global Chant Database“ (
            Project Founder and Developer, 2009-today